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Smart Sensors

SMART Sensor Development

Custom SMART Sensors

MCM Logic is developing and discovering new Smart Sensor applications all the time. At MCM Logic we have a fast-track programmers to add new intelligent functionality and build-in IO-Link capability across all sensor types. So what precisely are the benefits offered by our Smart Sensors, and how do they relate to individual devices?

Smart sensor functions include:

  • fault compensation for stable and reliable sensor signals
  • advanced diagnostics and monitoring through individually-identified devices
  • predefined detection modes for fast commissioning
  • advanced adjustments for reliable detection
  • manual adaptation of the detection parameters for individual application solutions
  • auto adaption to adjust switching thresholds automatically as a signal degrades over time until an alarm threshold is reached
  • active sensor installation and alignment assistance.

We will also get a new insight from our clients, and the data derived from these custom sensor systems. New data and information about how our machines, processes and systems perform and work together will provide the opportunity for further developments.

Enhanced Sensing

Custom intelligence and Performance


Efficient processes thanks to predictive mainenance

Smart Tasks

The right information directly from the sensor

Efficient Communication

SMART Communication between sensor and contorl