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Control & Monitor Any Device, In Your Home or Office Remotely

We design and write custom applications allowing your company to work in a way that fits your business better than off-the-shelf software and hardware products.

Hardware Interface

Greater Ease of Use – Larger displays (7 to 32 inches in size) are easier to read for most people. It also makes it easier to find specific functions, especially for integrated home theater, or smart office systems that can have many settings to tweak.

Web Interface

IoT contributes the internet connection and remote management of mobile appliances, incorporated with sensors. It embeds computer intelligence into home or office to provide ways to measure conditions and monitor appliances.

Mobile App Interface

MCM Logic allows users to manipulate their devices using a mobile app when they are in or out of home of office, with increased security. With automation features, we can take your productivity to a whole new level.

100s of Micro Controllers

At MCM Logic we govern ourselves around the principal of working smarter, and not harder. For whatever tasks that you require, or data you need to consume, we can build a module that will do the job. With hundreds if not thousands of modules on the market, we have the ability to turn complex operations and data, into simple and easy to use modules and programs.

Automate Your Workflow, 99% Less Errors

Automating your production workflows can make a real impact on productivity and morale within your organization and ultimately on your company’s bottom line. MCM logic has the ability to design an automation system that will increase productivity, precision, and accuracy. Using microprocessors controlled by a customized user interface, imagine being able to monitor or Temperature, on or off State, Distance, Depth, Weight, Color, Location, or Biometric Data. With this data at your fingertips, you can increase productivity, and eliminate human error by up to 99%

What Types of Data Can you Collect?

MCM Logic will design an IoT platform that can be used for the storage of real-time streaming sensor data from your custom-designed automation system. Once you install your custom microprocessor, the signals can be transmitted and stored directly onto IoT platforms. Your custom IoT platforms can be used for storage, processing, prediction, and visualization of the data recorded from the sensors on the custom microprocessor.

Smart Lighting

Control the lights in your home or office from anywhere in the world, program them on a schedule, and have them light up automatically as you arrive. Collect power usage data to help you save money, by notifing you of unwanted usage.


Smart Surveillance

When you think about smart technology that improves life at home, cameras might not be your first idea. MCM Logic will open your mind to the convenience and safety possibilities inherent with a custom smart camera solutions.

Smart Sensors

MCM Logic Smart Sensors are one of the key components that bring it your idea to life. Bridging the gap between the electronic environment and the tangible space of your in your home or office.

Smart Controls

MCM Logic will design a custom user interface with your brand. This custom user interface allows you to use either your smartphone, with an custom app, or the remote or LCD, for one-touch control of the entire home or office ecosystem.


What if legacy appliances could do more for us, and we could do more with them? That’s what MCM Logic smart solutions are all about. Beyond connectivity, it’s designed to improve the way we interact with our homes and offices.

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Need a Custom Data or Automation Solution?

Improve Productivity by Accessing Data Remotely

  • Control Equipment from anywhere in the world
  • Successful Troubleshooting from Remote Locations
  • Streamline Remote Work for Employees
  • Remote Access Makes Collaboration Easy
  • Logs of All Activity Promote Network Security
  • A Peace of Mind…

Benefits of “Smart” Technology

Networking & Connectivity, Remote Monitoring, Customization, Increased Safety, Wellness, Energy Management, Motion Detection, Video Analytics, Appliance Safety, Leak Detection & Flood Sensors, and Custom Production & Automation Systems.